Luke Ji
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Luke Ji

Summer Clerk, Dentons Kensington Swan

“The culture within the firm and opportunities I was given have led to a well-rounded, positive experience.”

What kind of work have you been involved in at your firm?

During my summer clerkship at Dentons Kensington Swan, I rotated through the Employment and Real Estate teams. In addition, I also stayed on during 2022 as a Corporate Services Intern, helping out the Human Resources and Business Development team.

What do you enjoy most about working at Dentons Kensington Swan?

I have really enjoyed meeting all the people that make up the firm. Everyone is very welcoming and willing to help out. This creates a great work environment which is both supportive and relaxed.

What has been the most challenging part of working at Dentons Kensington Swan?

My time at Dentons commenced during the lockdown period. It was difficult to fully immerse myself in the work with the limitations that occur whilst working remotely. As a new starter, it led to challenges around getting to know people, asking for help and receiving feedback.

What sets Dentons Kensington Swan apart from other firms?

Dentons Kensington Swan has a great workplace culture, whether its people from different practices and teams or people within my own practice teams that I completed my rotations in, everyone was friendly, approachable and happy to help. Dentons Kensington Swan Partners and Supervising Managers also provide a wealth of knowledge and are happy to provide guidance for anything you may have a question about.

What are the social opportunities like at Dentons Kensington Swan?

Dentons has a variety of social occasions such as weekly morning tea’s, Friday Fives, mid-year balls and end of year Christmas parties (which includes a kids Christmas party), with other celebrations for special occasions along the way. In addition, there are also social sports teams, and many of the social events that take place during the year have the opportunity for friends and family to join in.

What has surprised you about working at Dentons Kensington Swan?

Dentons Kensington Swan has a wonderful work life balance and everyone at the firm is very understanding of other important aspects of life. Everyone is focused and committed to their work but also encouraged to prioritise their personal life when needed.

What advice would you give to those considering studies in law?

Law can be a really tough road to follow. Try to find ways of taking care of yourself and building up your own self-confidence – but don’t forget that people will be there to help you on your journey.

What has been your favourite experience at Dentons Kensington Swan so far?

The Mid-Winter ball was one of my favourite experiences as not only was it one of my first chances to be at an entire firm social event.

What would your advice to students be who are wishing to apply to Dentons Kensington Swan?

Trust in everything you have done and accomplished so far and just put yourself best self forward.

You will gain from the exceptional opportunities to work with our quality lawyers who advise and represent clients both nationally and globally in all areas of commercial law”

About the firm

Dentons Kensington Swan, has the largest global reach of any law firm in New Zealand. We are a premier commercial law firm that is growing our talent and expertise. Our specialist industry knowledge benefits clients across key industry sectors, and we work at the forefront of these core areas of practice. Within these core areas, we have specialist teams of experts who are market leaders advising clients on highly complex legal challenges within their industry sector.

Working at the firm

Dentons Kensington Swan is committed to challenging the status quo and to delivering innovative solutions to our clients. We are confident about the future. We are ambitious for our clients and our people, including you. We want you to help us design and deliver tailored services, humanise the law and provide an unbeatable client experience.

You will gain from the exceptional opportunities to work with our quality lawyers who advise and represent clients both nationally and globally in all areas of commercial law. Our deep level of engagement with clients continues to attract work that not only requires excellent legal minds but an intimate understanding of clients’ needs.

Dentons Kensington Swan represents leading private and public sector organisations in New Zealand and internationally. The firm has an extensive pro bono programme and undertakes work for organisations such as Kiwis for Kiwi, the Auckland Theatre Company, and the Arts Foundation.

The firm encourages a good work/life balance by offering regular social and sporting events, a wellness programme, and flexible working arrangements. Dentons Kensington Swan’s international connections can be helpful in supporting the ambitions of a student who wishes to one-day travel or work offshore. Being part of the Dentons network provides our people with access to the extensive experience and talent of Dentons lawyers across the globe.

Opportunities for Students

Dentons Kensington Swan takes summer clerks from November through to February each year. Applications remain open all year, but we do have a focused recruitment drive in March, with interviews in April and May.

For more information visit our Law Graduate and Summer Clerk recruitment page.

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