Resizing text and changing background colours in your browser

Step-by-step instructions on changing the background colours on a web page are available from the BBC website.

Magnifying Web Pages

In many web browsers, if you use a mouse that has a scroll wheel, you can also magnify web page content. To do this, use the “CTRL” key while moving the scroll wheel backwards (to zoom in) or forwards to (zoom out).

Access key shortcuts to areas of this website

Different browsers use different keystrokes to activate these access key shortcuts:

  • Alt + [the access key]

Internet Explorer for WindowsShift + Alt + [the access key]

  • Firefox for Windows

Shift + Esc + [the access key]

  • Opera for Windows or Mac

Ctrl + [the accesskey]

Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac

  • Safari 1.2 (Mac only)
  • Firefox for Mac
  • Mozilla for Mac
  • Netscape 6+ for Mac

Please note that the access keys do not work with the numeric keypad on the left hand side of the keyboard.