Areas of Law

With so many options to study at Law School, you’re bound to find something that interests you. 

The Judiciary is made up of judges and other judicial officers who make decisions according to the laws passed by the Legislature.

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Public Law
Public law involves the relationships between the government and its citizens. It can involve judicial review, breaches of human rights, and reviewing regulations and policies.

Insurance claims make up about 80% of all civil matters within the courts. Insurance lawyers work in litigation to represent their clients over insurance matters.   

Criminal Law
Acting as either the prosecution (acting for the crown in proving that someone did an offence) or defence (acting for the accused in breaching the Crimes Act).  

Human Rights
Human rights lawyers advocate on behalf of people whose human rights have been breached. They may work pro-bono, or for a small fee. 

Family lawyers will be involved in relationship property settlements, processing divorces, childcare agreements, adoption, and many other family-related matters.   

Wills, Estates & Trusts
Trust lawyers help people manage their personal lives. They will draft wills and manage trusts, and may be professional trustees. They help people set up and look after their trusts and trust property.  

Environment & Resource Management
Changes to building and the land require compliance with the Resource Management Act 1991. Lawyers will advise clients on how to comply with the act and help deal with any breaches.  

Employment lawyers deal with the relationships between employers and employees. They may help draft contracts, advocate on behalf of a party, or take matters to the employment tribunal.   

Corporate & Commercial Law
Corporate law encompasses all business-to-business transactions. It covers things such as merges and acquisitions, private equity transactions, banking deals and joint ventures. But there are many areas within that lawyers will specialise in. Law firms of all sizes can engage in corporate law, but again larger firms will deal in larger more complex transactions.    

Property law is about the buying, selling and leasing of property. Property lawyers protect their clients in big transactions. Conveyancing is the process of transferring legal title. Property lawyers may also deal with the construction of buildings. Smaller firms will tend to do smaller-scale transfers such as a residential homes, while larger firms will do larger-scale transactions commercial properties.    

Competition Law
Competition law protects the market from monopolies. Competition lawyers ensure their clients comply with the Commerce Commission, which means that deals like mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are safe.  

Tax lawyers give advice on tax structures for companies on how to minimise tax payments, and give advice to the government. 

Litigation is the process of taking legal action in the courts.  

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property relates to the rights over ideas and creations.    

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